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This is William, one of our satisfied clients. Who has been struggling with testosterone deficiency for many years. Doctors prescribed him TRT therapy, but he decided he was too young for it and took matters into his own hands. After applying the advice from the book, his life improved greatly.

 If you feel tired,
have no desire for sex
and your beard is growing slowly,
this book is for you!

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With the help of strength training, proper nutrition and quality sleep, you will boost your testosterone levels.

You will know how to calculate your body mass percentage, you will understand how macros work, you will learn a lot about nutrients and hormones.



Inside this book,you will find ways to increase your testosterone level with the help of strength training.

In the first chapter, I will teach you how to calculate your body fat, how to calculate your genetic potential and how to calculate AMR and BMR.

In 2. 3. chapter I will teach you about calories and understanding macros.

In Chapter 4 I will teach you about Nutrients and Hormones.

In chapters 5 to 8, I will teach you everything about strength training.


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FAQ for E-Book

 Which foods can help naturally increase testosterone levels?
In this ebook, you will discover a variety of foods rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, which can stimulate testosterone production.

 How can I adjust my training to promote testosterone production?
This ebook provides a comprehensive guide on structuring strength training routines and identifies the most effective exercises to boost testosterone levels.

How does stress affect testosterone levels, and how can I reduce it?
You will find information on the relationship between stress and testosterone in this ebook, along with valuable techniques to reduce stress and support hormonal balance.

Can a proper diet impact my testosterone levels?
Yes, diet plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal testosterone levels. In the ebook, you'll learn about foods and dietary approaches that can help stimulate testosterone production.

How does lifestyle and sleep affect testosterone levels?
Sleep quality and lifestyle choices significantly impact hormonal balance. The ebook covers the importance of quality sleep and how to avoid harmful habits that can disrupt testosterone production.

Are there natural supplements that can help increase testosterone?
The ebook provides an overview of natural supplements that have shown effectiveness in supporting healthy testosterone production, along with essential information on their safe usage.

Satisfied clients

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